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Organic Tea Bundle

Organic Tea Bundle

If you love a decent cuppa, then you need to try Yarra Valley Tea Co! The tea is hand blended in small batches to ensure purity of taste and is Australian Certified Organic.  Each flavour is absolutely delightful, you will enjoy every sip right down to the last drop! Also, as an added bonus, the packaging is environmently friendly, containing biodegradable pyramid bags.

  • What's in the Bundle...

    • 5 x 22.5g boxes of organic tea from Yarra Valley Tea Co. with 5 flavours to choose from:
      Lemongrass & Ginger
      A perfect blend of Australian grown lemongrass and Nepalese ginger with lovely fragrant floral tones.
      English Brekky
      A strong flavored but smooth tea of noted subtle tannins and long, fresh aromas.
      Funky Chai
      A measured blend of premium aromatic spices blended to perfection with Ceylonese OP1 black tea
      Uncle Vic
      Australian grown green sencha tea with bright cleansing notes packed with antioxidants and restorative properties
      A soothing blend of herbs that encourages rest and peaceful endeavours.
    • 1 x Gift Box
    • 1 x personalised Gift Card (Optional)
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