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Indigenous Art Tea Towels

Indigenous Art Tea Towels

These gorgeous tea towels will not only brighten up your kitchen but will add that perfect touch of art to any space. Each tea towel is unique and are designed by indigenous artists where Royalties from the products directly benefit the artist and their community. Made from 100% Cotton.

  • Tea Towel Designs...

    • Judy Watson Tea Towel
      Based on artwork by Judy Napangardi Watson from Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu, Australia.
      100% Cotton
      Origin: NT, Australia
    • Otto Sims Tea Towel
      Based on artwork by Otto Jungarrayi Sims from Yuendumu, a community about 290km northwest of Alice Springs.
      100% Cotton 
      Origin: NT, Australia
    • Justin Butler Tea Towel
      Artwork by Justin Butler
      100% Cotton
      Origin: North QLD, Australia.
    • Teddy Gibson Tea Towel
      Based on artwork by Teddy Gibson.
      100% Cotton
      Origin: Australia
    • Debbie Coombes Tea Towel
      Based on artwork 'Off to the Footy' by Debbie Coombes from Munupi Arts & Craft Association
      100% Cotton
      Origin: Tiwi Islands.
    • Dancing Wombat Tea Towel
      Based on artwork by Mick Harding
      100% Cotton 
      Origin: Australia
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