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Hand Knitted Australian Animals (Prices Vary)

Hand Knitted Australian Animals (Prices Vary)

There's nothing quite like a hand knitted item especially when you know that hours of love have gone into creating them. Victorian Knitter Judy Smith has a real love for producing cute, Australian themed animals.  They are extremely durable, washable and a must as a unique gift or to add to your soft toy collection. 

  • About the Knitted Animals...

    • Animal Dimensions:
      Big Red Kanagaroo & Joey - 40cm H x 20cm W
      Wombat - 20cm H x 35cm W
      Tazzie Devil - 20cm H x 35cm W
      Possum - 30cm H x 12cm W
      Koala - 15cm H x 8cm W
      Lizard - 10cm H x 25 W
      Emu - 40cm x H x 12cm
    • Each Stuffed animal is hand knitted with love
    • Animals are made to order (2-3 Days Handling Time)
    • Material: Synthetic wool 
    • Machine Washable: Yes
    • Animals come Gift Wrapped 
    • Origin: VIC, Australia
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